Abdominoplasty: Discover it

Having a flat stomach is a challenge that even the thinnest people face. Making the abdomen area appear flat, firm and toned is not always easy, no matter how much you exercise and diet. In these cases, plastic surgery in Delhi manages to correct these problems, especially through tummy tucks.

What is abdominoplasty?

This plastic surgery operation is designed to help the abdomen recover firmness. Keep in mind that there are various abdominoplasty techniques, suitable for various problems that a person in the belly area may have. The plastic surgeon in Delhi will determine who is the most appropriate for each case, depending on the state of the skin. 
The operation of abdominoplasty in Delhi lasts 2 hours and consists of extracting the excess fat in the area of ​​the lower abdomen and the subsequent correction of the space between the muscles of the abdominal wall. In this way, the patient can show a smooth and firm abdomen again. The whole process leaves a slight scar of small size in the pubic area. 
They are done under general anesthesia and require a hospital admission of a couple of days.

After the operation

The postoperative period of a tummy tuck requires controls by the plastic surgeon in Pitampura, who will verify that the evolution of the process is appropriate. In addition, the patient must wear a restraint for a few weeks. Although you will be able to return to work quickly, you should start physical activity progressively, after 4 weeks from the date of the operation. 
The results of the operation are visible in a short time and improve as inflammation disappears during the first days of plastic surgery in Delhi.

The tummy tuck

One of the most innovative techniques of tummy tuck is, less aggressive than usual and designed to eliminate the belly that can have a thin person and which cannot eradicate through traditional diet or exercise. 
The tummy tuck is also known as mini- tummy tuck and involves removing part of the skin and fat from the lower abdomen, suturing the fasciae of the muscles and also doing abdominal liposuction in Delhi. If you diet and exercise before the operation, the operation will be minimized. 
This mini-operation can be done ambulatory, with local anesthesia and sedation, and allows patient discharge 12 hours later. After 3 days, the patient can return to work, although he should wear an abdominal girdle and be careful with physical exercise.

Keep in mind that tummy tuck is not a technique to lose weight, but is designed to reduce the reactive fat deposits in the area of ​​the belly.

Male aesthetic surgery: what men want to improve their physique

Beauty is no longer the exclusive province of women. More and more men are concerned about their physical appearance and those who end up trusting in the hands of a plastic surgeon in Delhi. The goal pursued by male aesthetic surgery is that they also reach a balance between outer beauty and its most intimate and personal facet.

At present, there are many clinics that have noticed a considerable increase in male clients, but they are still the majority in cosmetic surgery in Delhi (78% compared to 22% of men). There are studies that show that the trend is changing. To name just one of them, a study has calculated that in the last five years the demand for male cosmetic surgery has grown up to 25 percent.

The treatments most demanded by them

The inevitable passage of time rages between women and men equally, but there are treatments especially demanded by men. One of them is eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty in Delhi, which reduces both the folds effect of gravity, and the bags that appear under the eyes. The treatment is relatively quick, it is done with local anesthesia and the scars are minimal.

They also feel some concern for the appearance of the tissues of the face and neck (skin, fat and muscles), so that more and more people resort to lifting to correct flaccidity. In addition to age, this condition is aggravated by sun, smoking or stress. It is solved by returning tension in the skin and muscular system, while liposuction in Rohini is performed in areas with localized fat. The intervention lasts between two or three hours.

Having balanced features are also goals of male aesthetic surgery. In this sense, rhinoplasty in Delhi is key, which resolves from the deviation of the nasal septum or the structure of the tip of the nose, to the reduction of its width or the possible hump. Men do not usually look for a more stylized and sharp nose, but a proportionality in their features. It is also common to correct the jaw, especially to increase it and thus provide the patient with a more masculine appearance.

The liposuction in Delhi and gynecomastia are also highly demanded by their procedures. They consist in the reduction of localized fat and, in the case of men's breasts, also reshape the size and shape of the nipple and areola. This condition is common in adolescents who have suffered from hormonal inequality during their growth and also in adults who have lost muscle tone due to a sedentary lifestyle.

Tips For Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon

When a person is going to undergo an intervention related to plastic surgery in Delhi, he has to go through a state of important reflection, since the operation will involve changes in his physiognomy with which he will have to live and those who should get used to it.

An advice to get your decision right

In the framework of this process of mental preparation for a physical change of these characteristics, the choice of a professional of the surgery that transmits confidence supposes a fundamental decision.

From the meetings prior to the surgical intervention, in which the details of the operation and the results are explained, it is essential that a relationship of maximum trust between doctor and patient be established. Therefore, the objective of this article is for the patient to assume the relevance of the decision he is going to make. We do not mean to undergo surgery, which is already clear, but the choice of the right plastic surgeon in Delhi.

At stake is the physical image of the next few years, so it is worth investing the time it takes to get the right plastic surgeon in Delhi to take charge of the operation in question. Therefore, we are going to offer some keys destined to count, in this sense, with valid elements of judgment.

In the first place, it is important to know which medical professionals are qualified to carry out a surgical intervention of this magnitude, which must be extraordinarily precise. In this aspect, we must bear in mind that the specific specialty of this professional is called Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. This qualification implies that there is no specialty of Cosmetic Surgery, but you have to look for professionals who master Plastic Surgery.

Consequently, it is necessary to devote time to research about the degree of the plastic surgeon in Rohini. In addition, the realization of the training period and achievement of the MIR also provides important guarantees, which prove to carry out these complex interventions. 

Apart, the aforementioned organization has a census in which the most reliable professionals in the specialty of Plastic Surgery have registered. This association, for its part, ensures the observance of an immaculate professional deontology.

The information you can get yourself

Apart from the work of previous documentation that the patient can perform, we have advanced that the meetings with the plastic surgeon in Pitampura can also offer an essential guidance about their worth.

Below, some of the inquiries, among others, that can be discovered through conversations with this:

  • Time in the exercise of the profession.
  • Checking photos before and after operations.
  • Use of anesthetics
  • Total price of the process.
  • Possibility of a second surgery.
  • Personal care.
  • Guarantee of the results.
  • Respect to the planned phases of the procedure.
  • Commitment to the postoperative period.
  • Manifestation of unexpected complications.



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