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I'm a Plastic Surgeon in Delhi. I perform all type of reconstructive & plastic surgery in Delhi. I work as a consultant Plastic Surgeon at Jaipur Golden Hospital, Rohini & Max Hospital, Pitampura. Also I run my own Plastic & Dental Clinic in Rohini.

Since I was young, I always knew that my passion in life was to practice cosmetic surgery in Delhi. I received my medical degree from one of the country’s top universities and went on to complete my residency, where I practiced alongside some of the most talented surgeons before opening up my own practice in 2000.


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One of my mentors at university once said that plastic surgery is an art, and the definition of art is to share beauty. It makes me proud to say that this is precisely what I do each day that I come to work. Every day, reconstructive and plastic surgery in Delhi gives my team the chance to share in the amazing, positive results we deliver to our patients. I started my clinic in 2000 in order to serve clients in the Delhi area, and have been happily stationed here since then.

My staff is a multidisciplinary team of professionals that works towards improving the physical and emotional well-being of patients through plastic and reconstructive surgery. Whatever cosmetic procedure you have in mind, the Dr Ashok Tandon team is ready to deliver. We understand how daunting surgery can be, and we support our patients every step of the way. We offer all type of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi including Male Breast Reduction in Delhi, Liposuction in Delhi, Laser Vaginal Tightening in Delhi, Vaginoplasty in Delhi, Breast Augmentation in Delhi and many more.

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Going to a plastic surgeon in Delhi should not be a problem for anyone, leaving aside social pressure, complexes, and family pressure that this can generate. Reparative plastic surgery in Delhi deals with curing and correcting diseases, malformations, traumas, and aesthetic problems both acquired and contracted throughout our lives. Repairs after cancer or accident, tumors, moles, warts, burns, etc., are the most common cases of reparative plastic surgery. We must also know another branch of plastic surgery, plastic surgery, and aesthetics, where the patient seeks to obtain with it a general facial and body harmony in accordance with the social canons of beauty.

The external appearance is very important for any of us and we should not hesitate, when necessary, to go to the plastic surgeon in Rohini. Plastic surgery is a great ally to advance our lives and overcome many obstacles, both aesthetic and psychological, that is why more and more people are turning to this system

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